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Trust Groupon and the deals they offer

Great app

Easy to use, great deals



I love it

I love all promos

Great & Minimalist As Usual

Great & Minimalist As Usual

Easy to use

This app is easy to use and gets the job done quickly.

Great for some things

I typically use Groupon for wax, dentist cleanings and massage deals. Ive only really had one bad experience when I booked a gold mine tour and the company would not let me use my Groupon, it was a pain to go through customer service, but eventually my issue was resolved and I was refunded.

Good prices

Love to checkout Groupon for different items and things to do. Great prices!

Good deals most of the time

As with any company, do your homework before you buy. I have tried places that I probably wouldnt have heard of if not for Groupon. Most are great with good food and service while at an affordable price. I have been buying and using Groupons for many years.

Good experience

Have been happy with my purchases so far.

Not Always Good Deal

Dont trust that youll be getting the best deals on Groupon. Recently bought some tickets to an amusement park, only to find out a couple of days later that Groupon is offering a much cheaper deal for the same place. I understand repeating promotions, but to do so within a couple of days? Thats underhanded and its a rip-off! And customer service is of no help! Ill be looking elsewhere for a better deal from now on! UPDATE: I was told to contact customer support and NOTHING got resolved!! Surprise...not!

Love the goods

Love the items I have purchased! I always read reviews prior to purchasing not only on Groupon but on other sites to!


So far Im totally satisfied with my experience.

Great Deals

All I can say is that I love love love all the great deal. Some deal are better than other. Need free shipping would make easier to buy more.

Gotta have it

Whether its for food, skin care, or gym offers Ive had a great experience with Groupon.

Good deals, not very user friendly

I get way to many emails from them. Its frustrating that most I want to use are invite only. Also I dont like that I cant put everything in a cart then check out. I have to check out several times. They do have some good deals though.


Great value in offers and good quality products


Great deals, fantastic value for the money! Good variety of experiences to choose from. Very satisfied and highly recommend to others!

Love it

Have purchased many items and have had no problems.


Never work they should offer returning customers coupons

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